A. Water Conservation Program Implementation

Halu Oleo university has applied a range of water conservation within its land and building. There are four major water conservation approaches implemented, considering natural elevation. In the higher elevation, a number of biopori, as seen in the figure 1, has been installed to capture rainfall into the lower ground. This has been installed at most of each building within the university. Secondly, University also provide fish ponds close to the
each building. Most of the captured water from the ponds is used for watering garden/grass and home to a number of local fish (Figure 3). This is also an indicator to the quality of water, so it guarantees that the water is safe to use. Thirdly, Haluoleo University construct retention ponds to capture huge amount of excess rainwater over the lands, particularly during wet season, which is delivered by drainage system (Figure 2). This
retention ponds is the major source of reuse water in order to supply water during dry season for plants and water consumption and trees. Lastly, The university also create to the wetlands to water conservation and to support the lives of natural habitat in the campus area.

B. Water Recycling Program Implementation

Implementation of water recycling program in Halu Oleo University has been largely applied. Source of water comes from harvested rainwater in the retention and fish ponds. Then, the water is used for watering grass and garden during dry season (Fig. 1, 3 and 4). Another implementation of water recycling program is by reuse water from Air Conditioner through collecting the water into container and use the water for office plants and for vehicle machine cooling system (Fig. 2 and 5).

C. Water Efficient Appliances Usage

In terms of the usage of water efficient appliances, Halu Oleo University has been applying water efficient appliances in the several places, as seen from above figures. This include the use of Automatic washing tap in the buiding (Fig 1), particularly in the public space and kitchen. Secondly, To reduce common overuse of water in the building, particularly in the toilet room, flushing uriner and toilet are also largely installed (Fig 2 and 3). Finally, the university also has installed water sprinkler as a delivering equipment to water grass and garden (Fig 4).

D. Treated Water Consumed Implementation

Consuming treated water has been implemented in Halu Oleo University. This is by treating raw water from ground water. To meet drinking water standard, Two filter based equipment are needed as seen from above Figures. So far, those treated water is used for bathing, cooking at food stalls as well laboratory related activities.